What size bar soap will fit into my new SoapAway®?
Most standard sizes of bar soap fit perfectly in SoapAway®.

Should I remove bars from their original packaging prior to inserting in SoapAway®?
It is best to leave soap in its original packaging until actual use.

What are the available colors for SoapAway®?
The product is offered in white and beige finishes.

Can SoapAway® be installed on my shower wall?
While you may certainly install the device in the location of your choosing, Soap-Away® functions best when installed away from direct stream of water or heat.

What tools are required for the installation of SoapAway®?
NONE! It comes with its own heavy-duty mounting tape and screws for added support: Please refer to the instructions insert when installing.

What is the warranty for SoapAway®?
If unsealed and returned within 30 days of the original purchase date, 100% of the purchase price less processing and handling will be refunded. If the item is defective, the customer is invited to benefit from either a complementary replacement Soap-Away® or a full refund once the defective item is returned to our warehouses.